Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Banshee, OLPC, Flourishing

Banshee Bookmarks If you use Banshee to listen to audio books, lectures, or similar, you'll enjoy the new Bookmarks plugin I committed tonight. It will ship with Banshee, but be disabled by default.
OLPC The latest build (368) is much faster, more responsive. I finally really played around with TamTam and eToys; what a blast! I also submitted my first patch to Sugar. Flourish There is a Linux conference called Flourish being held this weekend, April 6 and 7th, at UIC in Chicago. The conference is free if you register in advance. There will be speakers from Google, IBM, Red Hat, FSF, and Drupal. I'll be attending a couple of talks and the mixer (held at my office), and I'll bring my XO and Neo1973.