Friday, July 31, 2009

PDF Mod Community

PDF Mod is now taking advantage of the fabulous GNOME infrastructure:We already have six translations of the app (da de fr lt pt_BR sv), and even some translations of our user manual (sv de). Oh, and we have this beautiful new icon created by Kalle Persson: If you want to translate the app or user manual, fix a bug, or implement a feature, please join us on the list or IRC and jump right in! We have a TODO if you're looking for something to do.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

PDF Mod 0.3

I just released PDF Mod 0.3, with quite a few new features and bug fixes. Sandy Armstrong, Aaron Bockover, and Olivier Le Thanh Duong contributed to this release. New Features
  • Convenience keybindings for zoom/quit
  • Open document by dragging from nautilus
  • Insert external PDF into current doc by dragging from nautilus
  • Properties (title, author, etc) editor
  • Recent Documents menu
  • User guide (F1)
  • French translation
Bugs Fixed
  • Opening files with spaces in the filename fixed
  • Page background rendering glitch fixed
  • Reordering and undo bug fixed
  • Reordering now only allows dropping left/right of a page
  • Desktop file now has pdf mimetype
  • Dispose some cairo contexts we were missing

Friday, July 24, 2009


On Monday I started working on a new app, PDF Mod, for doing simple manipulations to PDF files. Five days later, I'm proud to present it to you: It can rotate, extract, and remove pages, and supports reordering pages via drag and drop. Visit the project wiki for links to the git repo, tarball and package downloading, user guides, bugzilla, the mailing list, irc, and more. There are likely some bugs, but in my testing it is quite useful and slick already. It's built on top of libpoppler/poppler-sharp, PdfSharp, Gtk#/Cairo, and Banshee's Hyena library. The app itself is a paltry 2009 lines of .cs files. It is super easy to build and run uninstalled from the tarball if you want to give it a spin: ./configure && make && make run Looking forward to your feedback, either in the comments, @gabaug on twitter, or find my e-mail address in the code or on my blog. Is this something that should have a presence on GNOME git/bugzilla/wiki? Update: PDF Mod is now fully hosted on GNOME's infrastructure. See our wiki for links to download, source repo, mailing list, bugzilla, etc.