Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Banshee at LugRadio Live

Aaron and I gave a 30 minute talk on Banshee to a packed room at LugRadio Live last Saturday. Media Archive did a great job of filming the talks and getting them on DVD by the end of the conference. I ripped the DVD and posted the video on Google Video and as a 114MB Ogg/Theora file. I really enjoyed hanging out with Chris Toshok, Dave Camp, Erinn Clark, Sandy Armstrong, Ryan Paul, Zonker, Steve and Ian from Songbird, and tons of other cool people. Our community is full of friendly, social people. Zonker and Aaron did a great job getting hundreds of awesome Banshee shirts for us: Photo CC-BY-SA by Ian McKellar I'm hoping to make it to Penguicon in Detroit this weekend, though I think I'm getting sick, so at this point I think it's not happening. Jorge says he can give my Banshee talk for me, and hopefully we can get some shirts there.