Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Talkative Banshee

I gave a talk about Banshee to the Chicago LUG a couple weeks ago. It went great – a good crowd, lots of questions and interest – and was a pleasure to communicate what Banshee is and how we're rocking. I started my presentation by running through the major features (the vertical list on the left), verbally going into detail about niceties, fun things, and usability features as I went. Banshee displaying and downloading podcasts An iPod loaded in Banshee, showing the sync configuration screen I then talked about project organization, history, measurements of our progress and growth, and how to learn more and get involved. A slide describing some basic Details about Banshee as a project And finally I spent some time alternating taking questions and demoing – an interactive process that generated more questions and demo opportunities. The time I spent putting together my slide deck was a good chance for introspection about the project and thinking about how to effectively convey my excitement to a diverse group of people. I'm quite happy with the resulting content and design, but look forward to tweaking it for new talks to different audiences, like a talk to a class at IIT I'll give next week.