Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Tag Crazy

If you are tag crazy, then managing and getting useful stuff done with your tags in F-Spot can be a bear. Jakub tells me he doesn't use the sidebar tag view at all because of how many tags he has, which means the graphical aspect of the new search functionality isn't useful for him. I added a filter entry above the tag view sidebar, so you can set any tag as the toplevel one, so only its children will be shown. It autocompletes, has a drop down, is reachable at any time via Ctrl-L, clears the filter with a button push or by pressing escape, is hidden by default, remembers if you hide/unhide it, etc: You can also see a somewhat more complicated query here. Even if you don't have an icon set for a tag, you can query it with full DND hotness. The tag filtering patch is solid and should land soon.

1 comment:

  1. Nice !

    If you're interested by having a more readable TagTree, check bug 321025. It won't reduce the number of displayed tags, but it will make the icons smaller.