Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Open Devices

I'm thrilled to have received my Neo1973 today. Thank you to FIC and the people behind it! I am excited to contribute to such an important project. The developing world is bypassing PCs in favor of cell phones and the XO. OLPC and OpenMoko rock for bringing freedom to the only computing most of the world will ever know.

The goods: Neo1973 and accessories. Note GPL printout.
The phone feels wonderful and is slimmer than I expected. The black and silver design is gorgeous.

Phase0 Neo1973 phone and the author.
The world is changing and fast, and as if to impress this upon me further, my XO B2 machine arrives at the office tomorrow.


  1. Have you actually tried to use it on a US cell network yet? Does it work?

  2. Not yet, unfortunately. I need open an account with T-Mobile or Cingular. I'm sure others will have reports on the OM wiki before I will, but if not, I'll definitely post.