Sunday, June 3, 2007

Cue the Action

A few weeks ago I wrote a small webapp in Rails that I've dubbed TodoCue. It is a simple, slick todo list program.
Feel free to sign up.


  1. Hi there! I like your todocue program! Simple, clean and usable!

  2. I may sound completely unreasonable here, please tell me if I do, but is there any way to integrate this into a calendar-application like google calendar? Essentially, when I work, I tend to have "timed" and "untimed" work on my todo list. Timed stuff goes into gcal, and it'd be nice to move the "untimed" stuff (which gcal unfortunately does not support) around when I have a specific time assigned to it (and the other way around if I miss a deadline).

  3. Hey there.

    Like your site, clean, simple and easy. Unfortunately I've already found a sweet program for my to-do lists, "Tasks". Maybe if there was a more compelling reason to use an online to-do application I could use it.


  4. anonymous: I can't think of any way of integrating it with Google Calendar. I definitely would if I could.

    thomas: Hmm, integrating Tasks w/ TodoCue via something like Conduit would be awesome (and compelling).

    Tthank you all for the compliments!

  5. This is a great idea, how about implementing something that has been balancing on my mind recently.

    So you have RSS, and you have webdav, and now even caldav, how about tododav.

    So, I have a webdav service, where I can edit online (like todocue) and up/download it as an RSS todo list, it doesn't have to be an RSS file but that's the general idea.

    This way I /could/ integrate my online todo's with my groupware todo's or at least there would be a route evolution for instance to support it. This could also apply to Memo's/Notes but there are already web services for that.

    -- Karl Lattimer

  6. Hi, i see that every time I add a Todo an ID is wasted.. don't u think you'll reach the limit soon?

    Anyway it's a nice and simple app

  7. Anonymous: We're still pretty far from 2.1 billion todos. If we get close, I'll change the id column to a bigint. :)