Saturday, September 22, 2007

F-Spot's Tag TreeView

I recently fixed up F-Spot's tag TreeView. Right clicking on or dragging several tags used to be practically impossible, and there was no way to make a tag toplevel (having no parent tags) with DnD.
F-Spot's Latest Tagging Improvements
Reparenting two tags to Banff
I put the code for the right click/dragging fixes (most of which came straight out of the nautilus code, thanks!) into a reusable TreeView subclass in case others are in need. If you haven't used F-Spot for a while (or haven't yet discovered this feature), you might notice you can make the icons next to your tags smaller now (or even turn them off). That feature has been in since early March, courtesy of Stephane.


  1. What I've always wanted is a "recently used tags" dock. When tagging a set of photos, they most often have the same sets of people in them and I have to go scrolling through the tag list to find their tag again. If they all appeared in an extra dock, because I'd used them recently, this wouldn't be an issue.

  2. Thx, but even if I committed it, that feature is not one of mine ;)

  3. davyd: yeah, that would be nice. I think showing you tags that are highly correlated with the tags currently on a photo would be useful too.

    stephane: well, I know you helped land it, and that means a lot :)