Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Working on Banshee

Not long ago Novell offered me the opportunity to do my hobby full-time, an offer I couldn't refuse. I loved working with Ruby and Rails and my Chicago-based team for IBM, but making Free Software multimedia apps and making the success of the Free Desktop my professional goal as well as personal, not to mention working from home, made the decision to move on less difficult. Aaron and I are working on two branches of Banshee, the stable branch, from which we will have one more release, and trunk, where we are wreaking havoc (+28268/-32325 lines in the last few weeks) and reorganizing, refactoring, and rewriting Banshee. Not all the excitement these days is from the huge changes in trunk. Over the last couple weeks I've created a Last.fm radio plugin for Banshee that is now working quite well and will ship (disabled by default) in the next release.
Playing Last.fm radio in Banshee
With Banshee's mini-mode plugin on
Unfortunately it will only run on the latest from the stable branch, so either check that out or wait for the next release. Feel free to join us on #banshee on irc.gnome.org, our mailing list, or our forums. Update: Wanted to thanked Iain and the rest of the Last Exit team for inspiring me and giving me an example to work from.


  1. That is very cool.. I want a lastfm plugin :)

  2. Hurrah, we love it when new apps support Last.fm - I've been meaning to give Banshee another go, it's been about a year since I last played.

    If you want any cool last.fm data being exposed via webservices or suchlike, give me a ping...


  3. Tried it, love it. Thansk a lot

    I noticed a stranbe behaviour though. The player stops after it has played the 5 or 6 tracks selected when you tune in. You have to select another channel and come back to get new tracks.

    Also, do you plan on adding a «save» feature like some other players have ?

  4. Awesome! I have been waiting for this for a long time, thank you so much for implementing it.

  5. This is awesome. I use the lastfm plugin all the time!