Wednesday, January 9, 2008


I'm in Boston this week working with Aaron and hanging out with Miguel and others. In between amazing people with the XO retroscope, we've been busy getting Banshee 0.13.2 out - and it's here! Support for new iPods, a plugin (see below), updated TagLib#, and lots of other fixes and features got in during this long release cycle. Over 10 people contributed to this release - thanks to everybody! Aaron has blogged about the release too.
Screencast demoing new radio plugin for Banshee Screencast demoing the new radio plugin. Ogg/Theora, 69 seconds, 4.1 MB.
Besides server errors, which cause some songs to be skipped, and a bug where new stations don't show songs on the first run, the plugin works great. I discovered five new artists with it and already bought their CDs. We will do one more release off the stable branch within the next couple weeks to fix the new station bug and make the new MTP support rock solid before we focus 100% on trunk.


  1. Hm, what are these server errors you speak of? If you can give us some details we can look into it!



  2. Hey Jonty,

    It was an issue I submitted here:

    Looks like there might be a solution (I hadn't seen the follow ups there until right now). I'll post an update if that solves it.

  3. Am I missing something, or is personal radio station support still missing from this plugin? =\ If so, will it be coming?