Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Some Banshee Bragging Rights

According to Pulse, Banshee is currently the #2 GNOME project "kicking ass and taking names", and Aaron is one of the top 12 GNOME hackers you should buy a drink. We're both currently in the top 15 bug closers. Our Ohloh page says we have a "large, active development team", "increasing year-over-year development activity", are valued at $3,782,339 USD, and our commit activity is off the charts. We've been on the front page of digg twice in the last months, getting over 530 and 670 diggs. And having a little over 50 people in #banshee was a good day not long ago, but we're at 79 right now. Thanks to our contributors, community, and Novell for being so supportive. Look out for Banshee 1.0!