Thursday, August 7, 2008

Banshee 1.2.1 Planned for Tuesday

We're planning a Banshee 1.2.1 release for next Tuesday, primarily to ship updated translations. We have quite a few languages with good coverage, but it could be a lot better. Translators, please make sure Banshee is available in your language!

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  1. And right on schedule, we have 1.2.1. Banshee right now is near perfect. Some elegant choices like the Fast Forward/Shuffle switch and the Repeat Play control placement are pure UI design genius. That said, I think it could benefit from adding a few simple features, like:

    - monitor music folders for changes and auto-updating the library (like Amarok);

    - have a "filesystem" source on the left panel, so people can browse and play files without/prior to adding them to the library, drag and drop them to the play queue, and so on;

    - that means full drag and drop from nautilus to banshee, if landing on library, for adding/importing; if landing on play queue, just for playing;

    - cover art support should assume a id3tag, then local file, then internet priority, it makes more sense to trust tags first, and that would fix the fact that large (over 21 tracks) albums don't have their cover.jpg/folder.jpg added and have to either rely on the internet for album art or fail;

    - fix some clunky/non-responsive UI controls, like scrolling the album browser; it feels like scrolling through mud, and it's a bit buggy... try selecting all artists, and an album way down your list, now select play queue and go back to library, why did the album list reset its view to the top, where's my selected album?

    All in all, those are just sort of a personal wishlist and should be filed as "whining", considering how solid Banshee is right now and the potential it has for growth. Congratulations Burt, Bockover, and the whole Banshee team.