Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hack Banshee all Summer for Fun and Profit

As I mentioned the other day, now is a great time to get involved with Banshee, and the deal is even sweeter if you want to work on it full-time this summer and get paid $4,500 through Google's Summer of Code. We have four developers (Bertrand, Eoin, Scott, and myself) willing to mentor, and we have some rocking project ideas we'd love you to tackle:
  • Banshee Web Content Make it easy to browse, search, view, and subscribe to content from one or more of,,,
  • Telepathic Banshee Let users share files and information (recommendations/ratings, current playing info, BPM analysis) with other users on their IM buddy list(s) via the Telepathy communications library and, likely, its Tubes data-transport mechanism. There is already a submitted proposal for this project.
  • Recommendations-based Play Queue Modify the Play Queue to have an option to automatically add songs recommended by, Mirage, etc.
  • Banshee UPnP Add a UPnP extension to Banshee. More info.
  • Banshee in Context Show contextually relevant concert info, flickr photos, wikipedia info, etc.
Your application is focused around a particular project proposal, but you can apply multiple times. And you are not limited to the above ideas if you have your own. Feel free to e-mail me personally, e-mail the banshee-list, or chat us up on IRC if you have any questions or want feedback on your application. Make sure you apply with GNOME as the mentoring organization and read the GSoC FAQs. You have a week and two days (until Friday, April 3rd) to apply, so get on it!


  1. Hi,

    what is the mentoring organisation (Gnome, Mono, Gstreamer)?

  2. As I mentioned, GNOME is probably best. Though Mono would probably work too - it's always a juggling act.

  3. integrate radio with shoutcast would be great

  4. For anyone who is looking to extend "Banshee in Context," I've got code coming soon that could be useful for identifying YouTube videos for a playing song. See BGO #576666 (

  5. ¿multi-database backend? ¿why not?