Tuesday, July 28, 2009

PDF Mod 0.3

I just released PDF Mod 0.3, with quite a few new features and bug fixes. Sandy Armstrong, Aaron Bockover, and Olivier Le Thanh Duong contributed to this release. New Features
  • Convenience keybindings for zoom/quit
  • Open document by dragging from nautilus
  • Insert external PDF into current doc by dragging from nautilus
  • Properties (title, author, etc) editor
  • Recent Documents menu
  • User guide (F1)
  • French translation
Bugs Fixed
  • Opening files with spaces in the filename fixed
  • Page background rendering glitch fixed
  • Reordering and undo bug fixed
  • Reordering now only allows dropping left/right of a page
  • Desktop file now has pdf mimetype
  • Dispose some cairo contexts we were missing


  1. Hope this goes into GNOME some day, with Banshee and F-Spot :)

  2. Would it be possible to include a crop tool to get rid of large page margins? They make printed documents look good but for on-screen-reading they are annoying.

  3. What is that Hyena stuff? I've seen that it is also in banshee.

  4. @lastAnon: It's some GUI widgets/helpers.

    Not sure where that is needed in PDFMod.

    Probably when F-Spot is also based on banshee/hyena, that stuff should get sorted out, so that one does not need Banshee for PdfMod.

  5. Nice thing, was seeking for this due to Inkscape only producing one PDF per page and looking for a way to merge them. pdftk worked nice (and did not produce errors in the merged PDF).

    Eager to try pdfmod but the openSUSE 11.1 repo (for whatever reaseon) appears to require a higher mono version than available on 11.1...

  6. @Marcus: cropping is on the todo list

    @anon3: Hyena is code written originally for Banshee but that we realized was not Banshee-specific, so we put into a library. PDF Mod makes extensive use of it, to good effect. It saved a ton of development time and effort.

    @anon4: PDF Mod does not depend on Banshee; I pulled a copy of Hyena out.

    @FunkyM: that's strange, I wonder how it built on OBS in the first place then

  7. @Gabriel:

    Great! I'm looking forward to that!

  8. So what program will this be integrated with?

    It makes most sense to me to integrate it into Evince simply because it is already a PDF-viewer, so why have a separate program for PDF-editing.

    Nonetheless, you guys are the developers and I'm just a user.