Thursday, March 3, 2011

PDF Mod Update

I haven't blogged about PDF Mod since Nov, 2009. We've had five releases in the meantime, including 0.9.1 just released today!

We have had tons of improvements and fixes, and one major new feature: bookmark editing!

We're up to 26 translations now, including 11 of our user manual!

As a reminder, PDF Mod can:

  • pull out (extract) pages from a document into a new PDF
  • combine two documents, or parts thereof
  • reorder and rotate pages
  • extract embedded images
  • edit basic metadata (title, author, keywords)
  • edit a document's bookmarks (aka outlines)
  • and that's it!

tarballs, release notes, git, mailing list, irc, bugzilla, website/wiki


  1. Yeah, great. I had a couple of problems with the old release. Will you update the Ubuntu PPA? Looking forward to give the new version a try :)

  2. Is there going to be a Windows version of PDF Mod for the 1.0 release?

  3. Still, no impositioning yet? ;)

  4. Bookmark editing is a really nice feature. For everything else, I've always used pdftk instead of PDF mod, but now PDF mod will get more of my time!

  5. Very nice & extremely useful app, thanks !

  6. Nice application, I'm a happy PDF Mod user. But I think this post shouldn't appear in, as this is not a KDE application.

    Keep code flowing! :D

  7. @Miguel I'm not on Planet KDE, I think you're mistaken.