Thursday, January 11, 2007

F-Spot Power

I've been using F-Spot quite a bit since putting my photos on an external drive and using F-Spot's ability to store it's database where I choose (with -b dir). While tagging my 3,235 photos I found myself using the mouse or arrow keys to select photos to tag using Nat's awesome tag bar. To make this process smoother and avoid fingers leaving the home row, I committed support for using hjkl as left, down, up, and right respectively (like vim does). Now the process is smooth as butter: hjkl to move the focus combined with shift, ctrl-shift, and spacebar to change the selection; t opens and focuses the tag bar; tab completes; enter and esc return focus to the photo selection. Now all I need is GEGL-powered reusable, adjustable image manipulations and p2p album sharing.

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