Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Introductions All Around

Hello Planet Gnome! About Me I work for IBM, currently on the SME Toolkit project. I live in Chicago. In my free time I hack on F-Spot (new query functionality, hjkl navigation, window size/position preferences, etc) and Banshee (smart playlists and USB audio device support). I also work on a project with Engineers Without Borders developing an embedded system for sensing air quality to improve cookstove design and construction in the developing world.
Preparing to fly in December
Gegl# GEGL is a library for serializing and evaluating sets (actually graphs) of manipulations on images. We hope to use it for F-Spot to allow users to make changes to images and later tweak those changes and/or apply them to other images. To this end, I committed a first, rough version of Gegl# to Gnome SVN.

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  1. Nice to see that you are working on GEGL#. I'm the author of GIMP# and I was also considering writing a C# binding for GEGL but seems you already did the work for me :)