Monday, August 16, 2010

Use Bugzilla Like a Champ

Things that can eat up way too much time:

  • Given a bug id #, going to its URL
  • Searching bugzilla

To save time, frustration, and get more done (since it's no longer time-consuming and frustrating), I added a few, special bookmarks. They contain a keyword, which you can type in the URL bar to go to the bookmark, and a %s, which is replaced by whatever you type after the keyword in the URL bar. In Firefox, you can right click a bookmark and edit its Properties to add a keyword.

Here are the ones I use most, and examples of what you can type in the URL/Awesome bar:

  • Go to a bug: bgoid
    bgoid 585112
  • Search BGO: bgo
    bgo product:banshee os:windows
    bgo product:hyena status:needinfo
    Other search fields you can use
  • Search Banshee bugs by summary: bbug
    bbug startup crash
    bbug metadata



  1. Thanks for the tip - it works fine (not surprisingly) with Novell bugzilla as well.

  2. In firefox, you can actually go to any page that has a form (e.g. the search box at the top right of this page), right-click, and select "Add a Keyword for this Search...".

  3. You could also setup Bugzilla as a search provider and then search from the box in IE / Firefox.