Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Amazon Affiliate Revenue

Since late July Banshee has had AmazonMP3 store integration, earning a 10% affiliate fee. We're proud to send all of that revenue to the GNOME Foundation. Here is the cumulative revenue breakdown per store:$1185€315£80¥28€70

That totals to about $1800 USD, all going directly to the GNOME Foundation! This accounts for about half of what GNOME has earned from Amazon in the last six months.

Our revenue has increased every month, too; in December we're on track for another record month! Find out more about Banshee...


  1. Guys, find (an acceptable) Mp3 store that works in Australia and your profits will just get higher! Amazon rejected us :(

  2. can they use this money to fund the ability to configure the currently useless Gnome screensaver

  3. I predict a future controversy when a distro decides to send the revenue to themselves.

  4. Wow, that's an amazing amount of revenue!