Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Banshee BoF

Upon arriving at the conference today, we were told we'd missed our Birds of a Feather session. Turns out they changed the schedule, and the printed ones they gave everybody are out of date. BUT, we talked them into giving us back our spot, so: The Banshee BoF is on for 2:30pm in the x-large room!


  1. Cannot be there unfortunately, but would like to point out that adding UPnP support would be really cool and useful!

  2. Have to say the organization so far this year has been about the poorest I can remember, even by warmup day standards.

    Registration not available until Monday afternoon, not even a word of welcome from anyone before the first BOF, inappropriate rooms for BOFs (shouldn't be in big lecture theaters!), unannounced schedule changes, and of course the trademark GUADEC flaky internet connection-but this year with more ports closed than usual, so even when they can get a connection, corporate folks can't even check their email, let alone phone home over VPN.

    Having all the evening events nowhere near the recommended hotel isn't much fun either-people want to wander home, dump their bags and have a shower before heading back out, but it's impossible to do that without resorting to public transport on rush-hour roads.

    On the plus side, the venue itself is excellent (apart from the lack of power sockets), and it can only get better for the core days!