Sunday, July 13, 2008

More Humor

On Politics Discussing the madness here in Turkey - youtube is completely blocked - with Aaron and Miguel tonight, finally put to words, in the dialect of our times, what I'd been thinking all week: funny pictures On Tabs The tab meme on pgo is pretty hilarious. Very surprised how many people are horrified, and I feel it's my duty to share a sampling of the 21 comments from my post:
I want to die
this is great stuff. you can really feel how the gnome 3 announcement creates an incentive for innovation. rock on guys.
This is literally a NIGHTWARE, thhe usability of Gnome applications (Totem, Nautilus, etc) being plain slaughtered within a few days :-( I seriously wish they removed the whole tab widget from GTK+ to prevent this sort of bullshit from happening.
I wish GNOME wasn't becoming so KDE-ish.
A couple people even commented in horror after I'd commented about the reality of it all.

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  1. Hi, when will you guys release banshee 1.2?